Abri van straten


Some of you may have heard the story of how I downloaded Abri’s CD, Imperceptible Shift in The Light, watched his “Rain” video online about 64 times too many and then tracked him down while he was on tour in the US from South Africa.

I first fell in love with his songs, his voice, and his guitar playing before we ever met. The rest was easy, and is now history, because Abri is such a lovely man, but of course I think so.

Abri’s new solo record “Sunlight and Shadows” has just been released! “Monet” was written for me and you can hear below! And please visit his site for more on his life, music, and attempt to help Whales and the African elephant.

I hope you like his music one tenth of how much I do!

Love, Mrs. Bauer van Straten      (what a name! he, he)


ABri’s CD with the Lemmings:



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Monet, from “Sunlight and Shadows”

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